Medicus Consulting

We offer healthcare consulting in:

Our Philosophy

MEDICUS CONSULTING is a Health Care Consulting organization
founded on the fundamental concept of improving the performance
of healthcare organizations by applying the principles of risk
assessment and management, change management, and quality
improvement to develop and implement a strategic operational plan
which is customized to our clients requirements and is aligned with
the values and culture of their organization.

Our strengths are in collaborating effectively with our clients to
create sustainable solutions which add value and improve

Our Specialty

MEDICUS CONSULTING offers services in the areas of risk
management, change management and continuous quality
improvement as they affect the key drivers of value creation for

A critical identification and analysis of risk is important for
designing robust solutions to the challenges our clients face in a
changing and complex healthcare environment.

Our activities include the design and implementation of processes
essential to ensure the attainment of improved performance.  

Process design and implementation

Risk assessment and management

Quality Improvement

Strategic change management